Forum Shops at Caesars

Project Details

A fashion cover and feature with bold colors and strong poses. My primary goal was capturing striking imagery that still highlighted on the aspirational objects. To achieve it, I used a monochrome palette on the models and the color red on the object of desire. This stark contrast really brings the object into focus and uses color theory to convey the aggressive feeling of chasing obsessions.

  • Client: Forum Shops at Caesars
  • Tasks: Video, Print (cover. feature)

So a little behind the scenes insight… When directing the models, I asked they never give eye contact to each other. This would make any reader of the article feel that there was always something “off-screen” that was the next goal or treasure being sought out by the models. The lack of human connection between the models also reinforced a subtle competitiveness visually that I’d witnessed in the real world when walking the boutiques and retail stores and observing the shoppers there.

The color theme I decided upon while sitting in the newsroom of Greenspun Media during one of the meetings I needed to attend with the journalists and photographers and the old journalist riddle had come to my mind, “What’s black and white, and red all over?” (answer – a newspaper)

I decided then and there to do this project with one black, one white model, and the fashion objects of desire in red. Perhaps not my most original inspiration, but I was happy with how it all turned out. And if you see me in a corner chuckling to myself quietly, you now know why.