Findlay Toyota

Everything and the Kitchen Sink

I was the Findlay Toyota Agency of Record. During my time working with them, I “raised the barr” on their advertising endeavors. (John Barr is their General Manager.) My entire agency was centered around the core concept that just because it’s local TV and Radio, doesn’t mean it has to look low quality or sound like it was recorded in a hallway. Be funny, but don’t look inane. Use your advertising production budgets effectively and your ads look and sound more beautiful, and ultimately are more memorable.

Using humor to sell cars is as old as the hills, and it is very effective when done well. I brought my 30 year creative skillset in advertising to them and the quality shows in the work I produced for them. As the owner of Sun Media Productions, I was responsible for the campaigns from concept to completion. TV or Radio, script writing, photography, print or retouching lobby graphics… no job too big or too small. Here are just a few of the many projects I did for them before my business was put under by covid-19 economics.

Sun Media Productions did many other agencies work as well. It was primarily a boutique agency for agencies, to make their video and radio productions shine. Consequently, we were white-labeled under many other agency names and rarely got credit for the efforts we put in. However, in Findlay’s case, we were the official AoR and thus I can talk more freely about the work done.

Agency of Record

  • Client: Findlay Toyota
  • Tasks: Concept, Design & Development