Project Description

I created¬†Time Flies for Fashion Week in Las Vegas for the publication Las Vegas Magazine. I wanted to tell a story of my work life and the challenges that creatives sometimes face in choosing work over relationships. So it’s semi-autobiographical with the notable difference that i ultimately chose the woman so my ending is better than the videos protagonist.

We shot everything in one night at MGM Grand for the video, billboard and print components. It was a long night… Count the setups and scenes, and you’ll see the planning and coordination that it took to get everything.

Project Details

  • Client: MGM Grand for Las Vegas Magazine
  • Tasks:¬†Video, Print (cover, feature), Video Billboard

Here is the cover design and some of the editorial photos. Along with a quick clip of the Harmon billboard on Las Vegas Boulevard with the video playing. At 60ft high its the size of 27 standard billboards and is one of the largest outdoor billboards in the world.