Carrot Top Re-Imagined

Project Details

This project was a personal goal of mine to accomplish. After a year of negotiating with CarrotTop, I finally convinced him to do what he’d never done before… flat-iron his wild hair.

Once the photos went public, he got amazing public reaction and was a project that lived outside of the magazine by making rounds on late-night talk shows and entertainment news channels. A simple, but engaging idea.

For a simple 700k readership magazine to pull in 24million views… definitely a project that hit above it’s targeted expectations.

  • Client: CarrotTop at Luxor
  • Tasks:¬†Concept, Design & Development

Being Creative Director for a media conglomerate gave me a global perspective over both Editorial and Advertising vantages. This project was a created to show the company how creating news-worthy advertising can be accomplished. Thereby increasing the reach and efficacy of advertising efforts without compromising journalistic integrity.

All it takes is imagination, and whole lot of planning.

When convincing Carrot Top to step out of his usual persona for this project, he was obviously nervous about the process… It took me a long time to convince him and I even set up a test subject who had similar wild locks as his to get flat-ironed and returned to initial glory to prove it could be done. It’s this kind of thinking and dedication to pursue a good idea no matter how difficult or long it takes that made many of my projects successful.This is just one of hundreds I’ve done over the decades… but is still one of my favorites.

Here’s the cover design.

Notice the photo on the table showing his normal look and the carrot in the martini glass. Little extra details that make an image tell a story, often overlooked opportunities to get creative.

Behind the scenes.